2017 Tablescapes

This is a series of both landscapes and still life images — creating a conversation about loss, time, perseverance, and the soul-searching that we all do when big change is required in our lives.

For anything to grow, it must be buried in the darkness.

This is where my series began two years ago…  seeds scattered underneath a crocheted tablecloth on my kitchen table. I knew it meant something to me, but I struggled to put words to what I was doing, mainly because I was in the midst of the conversation. It wasn’t until a recent trip to Colorado and seeing the tree-covered mountains that I saw the connection and transformation.

Growth is never done alone, but in many ways, it’s necessary to let it start in the shadows of your heart, in the dark, and in the private spaces we keep.  It’s important not to fear these spaces. It’s part of the process, and ultimately, the only way to scale the mountains.

“Deficit” 11”x14” Archival Inkjet Print $95

“Dormancy” 11”x14” Archival Inkjet Print $115

“Aerate” 16” x 20” Archival Inkjet Print from Film Scan $135

“Last Interval” 16”x 20” Archival Inkjet Print (Unavailable)

“Woven Sprouts” 16” x 20” Archival Inkjet Print from Film Scan $135

“Green Lace” 44” x 30” Archival Inkjet Print from Film Scan (Sold)

“Ground Cover”  16” x 20” Archival Inkjet Print for Film Scan $135

“Mass Gains” 16” x 20” Archival Inkjet Print (Unavailable)

“Tolerance” 16” x 20” Archival Inkjet Print from Film Scan (Sold)


The installation of this work is slightly unconventional. I was challenged by a friend, and curator, Megan Nolde with Sage RVA, to find a way to display my most recent body of work in a large space. I accepted this challenge, and am so grateful that she and owner, Greg, of Citizen were open to these glassless displays. The photographs have been machine-stitched to a deckled-edge cold press watercolor paper, the wall itself serves as an unofficial mat, and then hang within black frames. Magnets help keep the pieces floating and weightless. All the pieces have been sized to fit traditional frames for when they are ready for a more permanent home.

If interested in any of these (sold or not) please email me – mchasephoto@comcast.net

It seemed most appropriate to sign the “mat” of the print — which in this case — is the actual wall.
I taught Charlie in Photography I… my second year teaching.. I was a bit taken back to see him at my opening. Ya know, kids… they have better things to do.  I believe he said “I want to support you…  I have two prints I’m trying to decide between to purchase.”

It’s a miracle I didn’t burst into tears. We decided “Fortified” (left) would be the perfect addition to his new home he’s currently renovating. I am so proud of him.
It feels amazing to have this work on display — feels like a resolution. Even more wonderful has been the relationships that have formed since this all began.
Penned these words in on New Years of 2017. It would be April 2017 before I really understood them.

Off and running now…