Connor’s Heroes

I was introduced to this organization in a round about way — the best part about social media really. Connor’s Heroes is an organization providing support and resources for family’s dealing with pediatric cancer. These art session provide the children with a space to create for a couple hours. They make their way around the room to different stations — sometimes working the whole time with you, and other times, floating around from table to table. Their parents have time to social with other parents, assist their children, or even, have a coffee and a quiet moment. Some artwork is taken home that day, and some pieces are kept for a large auction that directly benefits these families. At first I was hesitate to volunteer as an artist for their monthly Hero Sessions. Honestly, I was afraid that I would fall in love with these little people, and be heart-broken in some way…

It is both my strength and weakness: to love deeply.

I signed up to create with them. I attended a session to just observe and get my footing. And felt the energy in the room to be something quite special. I began pulling together an idea that could be worked on for 3 year olds all the way to high school students – it needed to span ALL ages! I walked into our workroom at school and saw the paper shredder and new that would be the staring point.

The idea was based on the James River — the birds that nested their, the city, the map of Richmond, the waterways, all of this…. and we’d mix and mingle these materials into an abstract piece that loosely resembled theses idea. We had textured boards for pastel rubbings, collage and gluing various papers, and of course, the biggest it… using straws to blow watercolor across the paper! A collaborative piece that eventually was sold during Connor’s Heroes Ball. It was a whirlwind. But, these moments and smiles were precious and joyous ┬áin ways I did not expect.
A month later, I returned with another idea. This time, something specifically for the younger kids. My high school students prepped some shapes to be used as petals, and we were able to create this quick floral mixed media pieces. More watercolor for a vibrant background, an organic flowers with white color pencil details. The floral piece was auctioned off during the silent auction. The river piece below sold for over $2000 at the live auction. I had no idea this would be the outcome. Please check out Connor’s Heroes and the work they do in the Richmond community.