2016 Recap

In 2015, it was all about exhibitions… submit, reapply, submit, reapply.. and it was a great year FULL of shows. Naturally, after making work – you want to show it. But, then you want to make new work.. so 2016 was all about making. I didn’t put too many specifics onto myself. I am goal-oriented, but I wanted to approach things differently. I found myself working on small(er) projects, different ideas, some collaborations, and finding more balance between my teaching position, art-making, and some new lifestyle changes (much needed, healthier habits)… here’s what went down last year!

Spring 2016

Began shooting a new series of “Tablescapes” — taking a turn away from portraiture and looking at this still life/landscape combo and shooting with my Mamiya RB67 (beast of a camera!!) I am literally growing grass on top of my kitchen table. Weird. I know… I did this several times in early Spring and late Summer. Still unsure exactly the direction that it’s going, but seeing a much better idea now (in 2017!)

Most of my photography is really well planned out — there’s a concept, there’s reasoning, then there’s decisions about equipment, film, lighting, setting, and mounds of research. It takes me FOREVER to execute a single idea and then I usually go in the darkroom and print it all by hand. Therefore, I gave myself a challenge over the summer. I had to produce 30 pieces of art in 12 weeks. Less thinking, less planning, less knowing… just action. I took some “bad” prints that I had leftover for my “Cultivate” series and began to paint…. on them.

Producing a lovely series titled “Her” — 30 6”x6” mixed media panels — all representing an aspect of myself. You cam see the whole series HERE.


I spent a little time in the darkroom and began experimenting with my “Tablescape” images, and did have this small, contact printed image displayed from July – August at Studio Two Three. I was fortunate to be among other Studio Two Three artists in their Hand Processed Show.


Then school started!!! A friend of mine (also an art teacher and working artist) suggested we collaborate on a year-long art-making adventure. We would play telephone. We would both create a piece each month. Then at the end of the month, we would mail it to each other. And, based off the image we received, we would create a NEW image the next month. We started in September… here is a sneak peek at the work in progress!


My “Tablescapes” continued to evolve in the Fall. I tested out printing a few images larger. This image was selected for Studio Two Three’s Silent Auction in September. I was really excited someone actually BID on it — multiple bids!!!


I also showed off a couple of the girls at ArtSpace in September for the Central Regional Art Educator Exhibition.

(Her) Attitude and (Her) Generosity — two my personal favorites.
Then, followed up with the full line up at Studio Two Three’s Winter Print Fair in December!! 

I was grateful at every chance to exhibit locally and begin to break out of my comfort zone of all film, all darkroom photography, all the time. (although, I do love it). We’ll see how this practice influences this next year!